BIG NEWS!  I was just hired to work for one of the best and fastest-growing businesses in town. What’s the job? I’ll be managing James Acme’s HR and back office administration.  (You know, payroll, benefits, risk management.) Mr. Acme interviewed a lot of people before choosing me, but no one had the same HR expertise. Truth be told, I don’t work alone. I’m part of a whole team of experienced HR pros. Together, we’re G&A Partners. Building an in-house team of accredited HR professionals like ours could easily cost a million bucks, but companies can hire us for roughly the price of one full-time HR employee. We’re sort of like a Million Dollar Employee. Mr. Acme likes that he’s getting the depth and strength of an entire department for the price of one. I like that I get to be a trusted member of his team and give him time to grow his business.


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